Everywhere I go, There I am. Searching for the cold bite of winter.

Here we go, first post, on a brand new blog. You may be asking, whats with the blog title? I’ll tell you. I have a passion for winter, Its the time when I feel alive most. I think its largely due to the fact that its the most extreme season out of the year and in whatever I’m doing the distinct bite of cold is there to remind me that life is in session. I’m talking about things like diving of the back of a boat into 55 degree water to fix the prop while at work or taking that water over the bow while on the way to our next piece of gear (I work on a commercial fishing boat of the coast of California), or getting out into the mountains and feeling the 20 degree air in your lungs as you walk out the door to go snowboarding or climbing that day, or catching a cold gust of wind standing on the summit of a mountain. Nothing is more humbling that knowing your exposed to the elements, vulnerable in that moment, and something keeps you going, something inside tells you to press on. All the news, any so called problems in my life, any ideas of what was or what could be just turns into a distant hum that has been drowned out the soundtrack of life.

There are so many things I want to get into here and now, but the idea of sharing my thoughts from day to day turns me on, not in a weird freakish way. What I mean is, the idea of putting them into text and making them available to others is, for me, a responsibility that is high on the priority list. Through sharing and talking with others we change and we grow and we learn things about ourselves in discussion we never thought possible.

What I’m doing right now is opening my mind to the idea that others think the same as I do, and can find a lot of value in what I’m saying. And though our personal paths may only cross once or never at all, everyone can find strength or value in written word. Like I said its a responsibility, it stopped being an option long ago.

I’m dreaming of Winter, planning and reaching out. I’m going to leave my comfort zone. Rid myself of responsibility and actively search out my path of self discovery this year. Snowboarding, hiking, camping and traveling across the United States, in search of the cold bite of winter. The one that makes me feel most alive. And in the process find others who think the same, I’ve already started, but this is my medium of delivery to you the dreamer distant to me. I hope this finds you well.


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