Early morning, Passion and Persistance

My thoughts this morning, early this morning, led me back to to the saying “roll with the punches”

I was up at 5am. Cracking one eye open at a time, with my room mate yelling something along the lines of “wake up you motha….”, you know, that real diplomatic get your ass up kind of communication. I’ve totally wrecked(tired and beat up) after surfing everyday, at least once and sometimes even twice, for the last month. Sometimes your body just needs rest regardless of your age. I got up regardless, put on my wet suit and proceeded to the water. Somewhere in the walk from the apartment on Venice Boardwalk to the water, my attitude changed, reality is I’ve got it good. Most of us do. And I was going surfing, and regardless if I was tired or the surf wasn’t all that great my life is and people pay good money for this sort of thing.

I left the water, got a cup of coffee, sat on the beach and started to read. Self exploration and expanding on my own personal viewpoints is my main m.o. today, so I’m reading “Better than Good’ by Zig Ziglar. The book itself is awesome, and although I am not a church going/bible reading man Zig’s view of God, faith and hope is inspirational. I’m diggin’ portion of the book labeled The Peak Performance of the “Better than good” Life, and one thing that was said really stuck out to me. He writes…

“All the truly successful people I have met in my life-and by successful, I don’t mean successful in this world’s eyes-believe success is a process, that life is a journey. They don’t believe success is defined by material wealth, climbing one certain mountain or finally walking through on particular door”

It hit me like  ton of bricks, how many of us(myself included) have been conditioned and told indirectly told to believe that material wealth equals success. Then I began to think about my life, the things I’m doing and planning. Did I take my job so that I would be financially well off? I did but my perception of the job has changed and I am now in it for the journey, I can one day tell my children I worked on the ocean when I was young and that I would freedive and spearfish when we had down time. I can tell them that I’ve had moments I’ve been scared for my life and I rose to the occasion and stayed safe. I can say money is decent and the time off is awesome! I’m in it for the journey and it has allowed my mind to accept other ideas of what I want to do and where I want to go.

Its allowed me to ponder the idea of making my own film documentary, changing careers, educating myself in and outside of college, being anything I want to be. I believe if we don’t pass on what we learn then the experience is useless.  Everything is possible, and like Zig was talking about success is a process. It man not come tomorrow but as long as we are putting one foot in front of another aren’t we successful already, it doesn’t matter what the end result is just that we are moving towards it.


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