Think Free

Freedom of thought and expression are essential to human kind, its this freedom that brought society to where it is today. The ability to dream and envision our futures, where we want to go and what we want to be. Through out history we see this time and again “huge progress” due to the thoughts of one or a few of our fellows. Its absolutly amazing. With persistance and passion, we as a whole can do great things. As a young person I do my best to be available to what is out there in the world. Meaning i give everything an honest look over at least once. I take what i think can be of use and move on, always evolving into a better human than i was yesterday. I don’t even consider the possibility of concluding my search for knowledge or self worth on a single idea or belief. My frustration though is that I feel the people around me settling for the simpler things in life. A nine to five job, a couple lines of credit, an appartment, and the ability to get “stuff”. I personaly find no depth or weight in that, why pursue the acumulation of stuff. I love the idea and act of people helping people, not judging our fellow man, pursuing creative goals and pushing our own personal limits. I try to talk to one person i don’t know every day, tell them how and what im doing and ask them about themselves. Not judging, deffinitly tough, but really apperance doesn’t make you, it simply puts you in a catagory that limits opportunity. And finally creativity, if we do what we are told or do what we preceve to be right and acceptable we will not grow and evolve into better people, by better i mean openminded caring people. I’m not knocking anyone here. I’m knocking the bad infomation that the media machine is putting on our plate. If there was poop on the plate no one would eat it, but if someone put whip cream on it with sprinkles, called it ice cream and sat it down in front of you or me, we probably wouldn’t think twice about it till it touched our tounge. But we need to look closer and always question, is this what i’m being told it is, or is it really still just shit on a plate. I am personaly looking for more in my life than the information that has been provided. And i want to surround myself with others who think the same. Its not the destination someone has chosen for us, its the journey we choose for ourselves that is important.


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