A independant documentary film – Chasing Snow Dreams

I’ve made a decision. I’m taking a road trip this winter, that was the first decision. I’m going to hike and do as much back country snowboarding as possible, decision two. The trip will last 2 months. Heres the decision that made all the aspects the prior three a whole lot more complex. I’m going to document my trip, friends along the way, snowboarding, and acquantences along the way. Interviews, scenery, and an alternitave perspective to your own. I will expose an alternitive “American Dream” to purse our passions, giving up your apartment lease, having enough money to eat and stay, and to get on the road with nothing more than a general direction and the drive to find truth in yourself.

I was, and still am, looking for ways to get funding for the trip. I came to the conclusion that ultimately i need to make the effort for myself and follow through on it no matter what. If anyone is willing to sponsor or endorse the project, i’ll welcome it, in fact i encourage it. But this is my dream, those things are not necessary. Its my belief that this is my roll in life right now. To carry out my own journey and share it with others, because it is a responsibility, i have the capacity to do so. You only get to keep what you have unless you give it away. If one person finds the drive to partake in their passion with no reluctance, then i will have succeeded.

Right now, working towards this trip. I’m out on the boat, commercial fishing is my day job. I’ve rented out my two bedroom apartment in Van Nuys to save on living expences. I’m currently staying on a friends couch in Venice, CA and giving him a couple hundred bucks to help with cost. Turns out the environment keeps me on my toes, keeps me creative, the company is great and the beach is literally 100 feet away. I will be launching a 30 day Kick Starter campaign on the first sunday of October. With a general budget for film equipment, editing, any cost for filming (locations), and distribution to film festivals.

I’ve begun using Adobe editing software, and filming a lot while working on the boat using my GoPro Hero. Editing isn’t easy but with practice i will get better. I did some research on camras for filming at a long distance and what i found is that digital SLR Canon 60D or 7D will do the trick, combined with a super telephoto lense I will be able to get HD video shots from a quarter mile away or further. Perfect range for what i’m doing. A large external hard drive is necessary for the large sized video files, they wont all fit on my computer. Just the oter week i shot something like 8.5hrs of video and it totalled 50GB of media files that was over two days. I’ve got two months or more to document. But i am getting used to these things now and exposing myself to them so i will have some experience when i begin my journey.

I’m going to expand on this in tomorrows blog… Right now though, I am sitting off of Catalina Island, in a boat, i’ve got to be up in 3 hours to work one of the hardest jobs around. I’m going to stop it here.


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