Update on Film Goal with sense of direction

Imagine never sleeps. I’ve spent the last few hours thinking about this winter where i will go, who i will seek out, what to film, what to call the project. I’m happy to say i made some progess and have found some new energy and relieved some anxiety. Project title (suggestions welcomed) – “Whatever it Takes” My reasoning for the title is that it will take a quite a bit to keep this project going,i had no knowledge going into, no money. As with all things it started with a vision, an idea whichhas turned into a passion, passion turned to obsession, obsession to… What i hope will be an inspirational production, and process of self discovery. Also today, the part which brought some anxiety relief. A short outline of scenes, what should be filmed essencially. This has given me more of a sense of direction. Also it has been decided to include voice over material on the topics of passion,persistance, obsession of passion, freedom to make your own path, societys foggy outlook ob what people should do to take part in the over all structure of the country. Though the film will feature snoboarding, its main goal is to inspire.


I’m excited because i feel as if mentally, a starting off point has developed. An outline is developing, production process is making more sense in regards to idea development, film outlining and action, and editing and distribution. I cant wait to start a Kick Starter campaign. Even if that fails, whatever it takes to make it happen. I’ll do it.


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