Screen write and burning bridges

Its so strange, the creative process, how it changes you. The higher my commitment level to this road trip and film endeavor, the more different things look. When passion becomes obsession, it seems I’ve reached a point that unless your working towards a goal, I feel unproductive. And I’m talking about everything being in line, all actions through out the day moving towards a common goal, to learn about the production process and creating a travel itinerary. To be healthier, increase stamina, become more skillful and knowledgeable.

I’m really embarrassing the Idea of burning the bridges for retreat, essentially quitting is not an option. I have the firm belief that failure is simply part of the road to success and that it is an invaluable learning experience. Not saying I will fail but I’m ready for it.

My current view of the world is here…


What your looking at is a rough draft screen write. My only camera for recording right now and the computer that gets these things to you.

Rough draft screen write is as follows;


1. Intro – Short personal bio 1-3min

2. Action Shots – (surf, snow, skate) 30sec-1min

3. Idea – mountain scenery with voice over describing concept of movie – 1min

4. Sit Downs w/ people – video of concept development and reaching out to others for help – 2min

5. Training/Discussion w/ friends – video of physical conditioning, general discussion of the importance of pursuing dreams and goals – 2-3min

6. Packing/Prep 2min

7. Snowboarding in Southern California/Surf while waiting to leave on main trip – locations Bear Mountain and Mt. High 2-4min

8. Travel – w/animation of map and route taken, include double speed clips – music in back ground – 20sec

9. Arrival at first location – Tahoe, CA – 10-30 sec of local scenery with mellow instrument only music

10. Riding – voice over on location/quote of inspirational speech into music – 5-8min, Include camping scene, second voice over towards end of riding segment

11. Travel to 2nd location – animation of map and route, double speed scenes stopping for gas and food, no voice music only 20 sec

(heavy rock/punk music scenes 12-14)

12. Night life – concert w/ mosh pit 30 sec

13. Bails/wipeouts 45sec

14. Snowboarding (park and big mountain) 4min

15. Rider interview – 3min

16. New location (tram shot, header on screen)




And so on…

The reality is, what is important is that I am traveling to do what I love. It doesn’t matter if I film it, but I think others should see the possibility of doing these things, remove the “untouchable” factor that industries create with their advertising and marketing. I believe that if we have the capacity to do it, we have a responsibility to share our experiences.

My projected launch date for kick starter is October 1st.

I am going to pick up some books on film production today, and… just putting one foot in front of the other.

Networking is on the priority list too, I’ve been procrastinating but need to reach out more. I have some people on the team but need to spread the word.


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