Voile Splitdecision

Just picked up this beauty today.  The relevance of this, an increase in range of travel in the back country and the ability to trek or explore with a wider range of riders. Right, so how does that apply? The further I can travel into the back country, the more opportunity for creativity, the more possibility there will be to get those epic snowboarding shots that we all love. The more I can find express what I really want in the Snow Dreams Documentary. Shout out to Meghan from Cerritos, CA for selling it to me. I walked away feeling like I just about stole it, 500 dollars flat, included were Voile Climbing Skins and all hardware necessary to mount bindings. Its amazing what you can find on craigslist.

The beauty of this, if I want to set it up for use with my mountaineering boots I can do that, if i want to use regular snowboarding boots I can do that. The possibilities are endless. Now think of this, cross country skiing to the base of a mountain or ridge, climbing as far up it as possible until the slope became too steep, put the snowboard on your backpack and don a pair of crampons for further climbing and once at the desired elevation put the board together and get ready for an epic decent. Its all about earning turns, its a personal goal to get out there and do it.

I won’t lie or make you believe I’ve used a split board before, but I have been in the back country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I have spent countless days winter camping. Also I have spent time mountaineering in the Californian mountains and I know that having the right gear to do it is absolutely necessary.

Next thing on the list of things to get Avalanche beacon.


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