On Spontaneity

I feel the act of spontaneity is a huge part of my life and deserves further examination. The reality is i would have not come to where i am today without really embrassing spontanious actions. There are those of us who live planned, cordinated, lives and those of us in the world who prefer to be taken by the wind so to speak. Recently the later of the two, in my life, is most true. It did not happen by accident though, it was a process just like anything else. I came through a series of observations and discoveries. The most relivant being that when i set expectaions of what i want to happen, if it doesn’t happen then there is a level of disapointment that comes with it and i hate dissapointment. I believe that through positive action towards a particular goal, like a road trip and the documentation of it, that dreams will be achieved. You could say that i came to the understanding that the energy and enthusiasm i put into the world will be returned to me equally from others, wether that be good or bad energy. My second observation was that mindfulness (keeping an open mind) provides more opportunity than that of a planned exicuted plan. Example, if Tohmas jefferson simply thought of lightning as a force of energy and not something that could be harnessed and directed we may not have the technology we do today. What i’m getting at is catigorization and conditioning of the mind, he could have perceved that bolt of lightning as a simple force of nature but he kept an open mind to other possibility. He did not limit it, the lightning bolt, to just being an uncontrollable force of nature. He preceived it as a force of nature, a naturally occuring anomily that could possibly be used for something else. How does this apply? I work on a commercial fishing boat right. If i thought of the boat only as a means to make money, thats all it would be. Instead it is a means to make money that give me a powerful energy to harness, that energy is creativity. I thought to myself how cool would it be to take photographs of what i do, show them to people and carry the message of exploration. So now after doing so I’ve chaneled my “work/money making ” energy into inporational creative energy. Can you see where i’m goin with this. I’m currently on the water right now, i’ve documented what i’m doing as seen in this photo And inspired my neigbors to take a trip to Catalina Island so that they can experience swimming in the same clear water. So to sum up the action, in viewing work as more than just a means to get money, i was able to put into action an idea that documenting and sharing my actions with others will inspire them to take an additional action. Spontanious acts have the same effect,to inspire and instill in others ideas which they can act on. They give a sence of gratitude to those involved and with out mindfulness would not be possible. Additional ways this is effecting me are in plans to take a road trip, i’m speaking in general plans not plans that are restricted. I originally had the idea to simply take a road trip for myself but through my recent experience in documenting and sharing there has been a sense of resposibility placed in me to share my experience in others. To inspire them, to share the idea of mindfulness, the idea of being creative with their passions. Without the sharred experience, without passing on what i’ve learned and hold dear, i will bear no fruit to the seed i’ve planted.


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