Inspiration with intent

I here now so far from where i “was” and so far from where I’m going. Some say the path is paved, I beg to differ. The script is rewritten day to day. We are given momements and in those moments we are given the opportunity, dare i say privledge, to make a choices that will change our life journey forever. In the act of choosing we forever redirect the path, we then grow into and internalize new perspectives, smashing old paradigms and developing new more freeing attitudes and ways of acting.

My recent time in Yosemite brought me back to some thoughts and feelings i felt i had lost. The errnest desire to connect with nature, and in turn find a centeredness that is untouchable, because untouchable is something to be. To truely be at peace with ones self. For me i find it there high in the mountains, removed from the hustle and bustle of the cities. I know its inevitable that i must return to my responsibilities, but upon return there is a sense of comfort. I know i will return, I will be driven to go further, to become more in tune with my body and the physical strain that i can withstand, the mental and emotional growth that i am afforded. Its like as if you remove everything that you know as true for just a moment and are given exactly whats in front of you, at thatmoment you’ve made a deal with the universe to start over again, to hold high resolve for good and to redirect your path once again. The old paradigms are no longer set in stone and new thoughts and ideas are abundant.

I had a short convo with Adam today about what our motives and intent is with this blog. Really, what we agreed on and my firm belief is that we are simply sharing all of us with all off you. We have no reason to edit thoughts and content to cater to any one group. That would be selling ourselves short and would hinder the process. By process i’m referring to the creative process we are undertaking. Also we musttake full advantage of sharing ourselves, hardship and stuggle is part of both of our stories, should i not share that imaymiss the opportunity to relate to an individual on a more personal level on a deeper level than has already been explored. Its a resonsibility to share and grow, should we loose audience because of certain aspects, so be it, we hope that unrelateable topics can be overlooked and relateable topics taken to heart. There is love for everyone reading and when i say we only wish to pass on inspiration to one person to make the journey worth it, i am speaking from the heartand for us both.


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