As the day approaches…

“These days are getting shorter and our sleeves are getting longer.” And I’m becoming more and more excited about leaving Los Angeles with each minute that crawls by. This road trip is going to change things. I’m not sure precisely WHAT it is gonna change. But everything I’ve heard in the past about epic trips like this has lead me to believe that we’re going to experience life on a whole new plain. And for me, new experience means new view.

It can be as simple as an album from a band I listen to, or as complex as learning a new trade. The things I involve in my life, change the way I look at the world.

They say that change is the only constant. All I can say is that I hope that’s a generalization. There’s one thing that I pray I hold onto forever. My drive. My enthusiasm for living my life on the “wild” side has stayed with me throughout the years and I feel like I’d be lost without it. The idea of becoming just another star, wandering through the abyss with no purpose, is repulsive. I MUST chase my dreams. No matter what the consequences may be.

Usually those consequences are found in the form of personal relationships. My friends and family who think I’m driving myself into the ground. They all “just want what’s best” for me. My question is this, how could you possibly know what’s best for me? Do you exist inside my thoughts and ideas of what “best” is? No, so miss me with that empathetic malarkey. Hahahaha! I love all of them very much, but don’t think for a millisecond that I wouldn’t burn every single one of those bridges in pursuit of my dreams.

Nothing is more important. Nothing.

November 24th we’re ghost ; )

Adam Duzey.

First quote is “from autumn to ashes – daylight slavings”


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