Sunset on the Pacific


We are so blessed with the world we live in. Outside of all the politics that consume everyday living and an ever emproaching government, we are given the opportunity to experience the most beautiful places and environments hereon earth. As a commercial fisherman I am “overpaid” you could say. I’m not speaking of monetary compensation. I’m speaking of the experience of something greater than myself, being outdoors or having the opportunity to dive into the ocean essencially removing myself from what has become the standard human environment, my comfort zone. I am paid in beauty, awe and a great respect for things outside of myself, things beyond my scope of understanding. Granted we can almost break anything down scientifically but that wouldn’t give me the spiritual conectivity that I feel when i see scenery and majestic views such as the one depicted above. I wish that for all of us, the humbleness to truely stand in awe of the world we live in. -Shane


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