Coming to terms

The weather is getting cooler, I’m getting the reports in my news feed of storms puking snow across the U.S., pictures of people snowboarding in powder already and some resorts have almost 3 feet of thatfluffywhite stuff already. I’ve got the itch to go get on my stunt stick(snowboard) and slay a mountain.

The commercial spot prawn season is coming to an end and I find myself in a great transition from fisherman by trade to adventurer by obsession. Its hitting me hard, the adventure I’m about to embark on. The departure date is less than thirty days and the idea, the dream, the goal has been in process for over a year and a half. It seems that everyday there is a new development or a new feeling towards it. There is constant growth personally as to my values and my thoughts and ideas on life. I’m finding that the more important things like family are really taking on a new roll, my relationship to my girlfriend is becoming an increasingly more significant part of my life, and my roll in these relationships and in friendahips is one of the most valuable things I have. It doesn’t matter much what I have anymore, the fact is I gave most of it up. I’m ok with only having the neccesities, some cloths, some things to keep me warm, food, a phone so i can get a hold of people, and a computer to help research my next move. These things for me are a necessity.

I was thinking about my lack of experience splitboarding, also my lack of experience riding out of california and conditioning, I asked myself If I was ready to take on this new challange. I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for it. The oly time is now, and the best possible thing I can do is be ready for whats next. Isn’t that why we love riding isn’t it because we really don’t know whats next. We don’t know whats after the next bumb or the next tree or corner. It makes it exhilerating. I don’t know whats around the next corner for me, but I have a feeling if I follow my passion to go snkwboard the gnarliest terrain I can find, I’ll get to what I am looking for out there. Being content with what I have isn’t enough, I need to find the best way to utilize it to persue my passions and to align myself for whatever may be in store. This is a soul searching mission and i have a feeling we are already well underway.


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