Persistance and or Doubt

As much as I’d like to write about how excited I am about this documentary and how well that aspect of my trip is going, I need to touch on the struggle i am facing. Its not that i have resolved to not making an awesome documetary, but I am a bit discouraged. Everything is lining up perfectly in regards to the travel aspect of the trip. The patience of waiting for the equipment to film is driving me crazy, and as time passes doubt begins to work its way in. I have to say first and formost traveling and snowboarding is priority number one. Filming is second. I don’t want to say that it is not going to happen but I have to accept that it may not happen this year. The additional cost including film equipment, as I have figured it, is some where around $5000. That inclueds a location budget, legal needs, post production and so forth. Really its not a huge budget to work with but when added to an undetermined number in the thousands i am already putting forth it really adds up. The price of gas, food, equipment and any extras is a lot. So it may be an option to make this a two year project. To use this year for networking, skill building and concept development. To snowboard as much as possible because really its a personal journey and atthe end of the day Iam on a personal mission to find my truth. More on this later… Desire overcomes many obsticals. I will do what I can to make this project become a reality.


Sierra Designs 3 man tent added to the list of gear

Recently while driving home from Yosemite National Park, we stopped off at Mammoth Mountaineering Supply. Though the store was packed full of good stuff, tents, climbing equipment, snow equipment, avalanche gear and so on. The real gold was found on a bulletin board in the entry way to the shop. There I found a listing for a 4 season 3 man tent, and it was almost stealing with a price of $125. Granted the tent is a few years old. Retail on a similar tent is upwards of $450. The tent it a Sierra Designs 3 man, 4 season tent, super light weight and durable, excellent for any conditions under 70 mph winds. I know this because an old climbing friend had a Sierra Designs tent that I have used often. I’m really excited about the find and cant wait to use it. Sample picture below.

Voile Splitdecision

Just picked up this beauty today.  The relevance of this, an increase in range of travel in the back country and the ability to trek or explore with a wider range of riders. Right, so how does that apply? The further I can travel into the back country, the more opportunity for creativity, the more possibility there will be to get those epic snowboarding shots that we all love. The more I can find express what I really want in the Snow Dreams Documentary. Shout out to Meghan from Cerritos, CA for selling it to me. I walked away feeling like I just about stole it, 500 dollars flat, included were Voile Climbing Skins and all hardware necessary to mount bindings. Its amazing what you can find on craigslist.

The beauty of this, if I want to set it up for use with my mountaineering boots I can do that, if i want to use regular snowboarding boots I can do that. The possibilities are endless. Now think of this, cross country skiing to the base of a mountain or ridge, climbing as far up it as possible until the slope became too steep, put the snowboard on your backpack and don a pair of crampons for further climbing and once at the desired elevation put the board together and get ready for an epic decent. Its all about earning turns, its a personal goal to get out there and do it.

I won’t lie or make you believe I’ve used a split board before, but I have been in the back country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I have spent countless days winter camping. Also I have spent time mountaineering in the Californian mountains and I know that having the right gear to do it is absolutely necessary.

Next thing on the list of things to get Avalanche beacon.

Screen write and burning bridges

Its so strange, the creative process, how it changes you. The higher my commitment level to this road trip and film endeavor, the more different things look. When passion becomes obsession, it seems I’ve reached a point that unless your working towards a goal, I feel unproductive. And I’m talking about everything being in line, all actions through out the day moving towards a common goal, to learn about the production process and creating a travel itinerary. To be healthier, increase stamina, become more skillful and knowledgeable.

I’m really embarrassing the Idea of burning the bridges for retreat, essentially quitting is not an option. I have the firm belief that failure is simply part of the road to success and that it is an invaluable learning experience. Not saying I will fail but I’m ready for it.

My current view of the world is here…


What your looking at is a rough draft screen write. My only camera for recording right now and the computer that gets these things to you.

Rough draft screen write is as follows;


1. Intro – Short personal bio 1-3min

2. Action Shots – (surf, snow, skate) 30sec-1min

3. Idea – mountain scenery with voice over describing concept of movie – 1min

4. Sit Downs w/ people – video of concept development and reaching out to others for help – 2min

5. Training/Discussion w/ friends – video of physical conditioning, general discussion of the importance of pursuing dreams and goals – 2-3min

6. Packing/Prep 2min

7. Snowboarding in Southern California/Surf while waiting to leave on main trip – locations Bear Mountain and Mt. High 2-4min

8. Travel – w/animation of map and route taken, include double speed clips – music in back ground – 20sec

9. Arrival at first location – Tahoe, CA – 10-30 sec of local scenery with mellow instrument only music

10. Riding – voice over on location/quote of inspirational speech into music – 5-8min, Include camping scene, second voice over towards end of riding segment

11. Travel to 2nd location – animation of map and route, double speed scenes stopping for gas and food, no voice music only 20 sec

(heavy rock/punk music scenes 12-14)

12. Night life – concert w/ mosh pit 30 sec

13. Bails/wipeouts 45sec

14. Snowboarding (park and big mountain) 4min

15. Rider interview – 3min

16. New location (tram shot, header on screen)




And so on…

The reality is, what is important is that I am traveling to do what I love. It doesn’t matter if I film it, but I think others should see the possibility of doing these things, remove the “untouchable” factor that industries create with their advertising and marketing. I believe that if we have the capacity to do it, we have a responsibility to share our experiences.

My projected launch date for kick starter is October 1st.

I am going to pick up some books on film production today, and… just putting one foot in front of the other.

Networking is on the priority list too, I’ve been procrastinating but need to reach out more. I have some people on the team but need to spread the word.

Update on Film Goal with sense of direction

Imagine never sleeps. I’ve spent the last few hours thinking about this winter where i will go, who i will seek out, what to film, what to call the project. I’m happy to say i made some progess and have found some new energy and relieved some anxiety. Project title (suggestions welcomed) – “Whatever it Takes” My reasoning for the title is that it will take a quite a bit to keep this project going,i had no knowledge going into, no money. As with all things it started with a vision, an idea whichhas turned into a passion, passion turned to obsession, obsession to… What i hope will be an inspirational production, and process of self discovery. Also today, the part which brought some anxiety relief. A short outline of scenes, what should be filmed essencially. This has given me more of a sense of direction. Also it has been decided to include voice over material on the topics of passion,persistance, obsession of passion, freedom to make your own path, societys foggy outlook ob what people should do to take part in the over all structure of the country. Though the film will feature snoboarding, its main goal is to inspire.


I’m excited because i feel as if mentally, a starting off point has developed. An outline is developing, production process is making more sense in regards to idea development, film outlining and action, and editing and distribution. I cant wait to start a Kick Starter campaign. Even if that fails, whatever it takes to make it happen. I’ll do it.

A independant documentary film – Chasing Snow Dreams

I’ve made a decision. I’m taking a road trip this winter, that was the first decision. I’m going to hike and do as much back country snowboarding as possible, decision two. The trip will last 2 months. Heres the decision that made all the aspects the prior three a whole lot more complex. I’m going to document my trip, friends along the way, snowboarding, and acquantences along the way. Interviews, scenery, and an alternitave perspective to your own. I will expose an alternitive “American Dream” to purse our passions, giving up your apartment lease, having enough money to eat and stay, and to get on the road with nothing more than a general direction and the drive to find truth in yourself.

I was, and still am, looking for ways to get funding for the trip. I came to the conclusion that ultimately i need to make the effort for myself and follow through on it no matter what. If anyone is willing to sponsor or endorse the project, i’ll welcome it, in fact i encourage it. But this is my dream, those things are not necessary. Its my belief that this is my roll in life right now. To carry out my own journey and share it with others, because it is a responsibility, i have the capacity to do so. You only get to keep what you have unless you give it away. If one person finds the drive to partake in their passion with no reluctance, then i will have succeeded.

Right now, working towards this trip. I’m out on the boat, commercial fishing is my day job. I’ve rented out my two bedroom apartment in Van Nuys to save on living expences. I’m currently staying on a friends couch in Venice, CA and giving him a couple hundred bucks to help with cost. Turns out the environment keeps me on my toes, keeps me creative, the company is great and the beach is literally 100 feet away. I will be launching a 30 day Kick Starter campaign on the first sunday of October. With a general budget for film equipment, editing, any cost for filming (locations), and distribution to film festivals.

I’ve begun using Adobe editing software, and filming a lot while working on the boat using my GoPro Hero. Editing isn’t easy but with practice i will get better. I did some research on camras for filming at a long distance and what i found is that digital SLR Canon 60D or 7D will do the trick, combined with a super telephoto lense I will be able to get HD video shots from a quarter mile away or further. Perfect range for what i’m doing. A large external hard drive is necessary for the large sized video files, they wont all fit on my computer. Just the oter week i shot something like 8.5hrs of video and it totalled 50GB of media files that was over two days. I’ve got two months or more to document. But i am getting used to these things now and exposing myself to them so i will have some experience when i begin my journey.

I’m going to expand on this in tomorrows blog… Right now though, I am sitting off of Catalina Island, in a boat, i’ve got to be up in 3 hours to work one of the hardest jobs around. I’m going to stop it here.