My name Shane. Age 24. Currently residing in Venice, CA. Something about this place makes me more creative, it allows me to think clearly. But I didn’t start out here, My earlier years I lived in Simi Valley. There I grew up into some what of a hellion child, riding out the Punk Rock screen until it was no longer working for me. Left me with a gnarly drinking habit and a bad attitude. I made it through High School and also learned a few things along the way like machining, design, and I took a few college GE course. I was looking for something else, I always have been. So I moved to Cerritos, CA. I found there all my bad habits followed me, led me into a dark place, one that very few choose to recover from. I could see my life needed change and positive influences. So I packed it up and moved to North Hollywood, I realize that all this moving and negative energy is a downer but I promise there is good that comes from it, good that brought me here and good that keeps me pushing a creative direction. Now in North Hollywood, I put down the booze and other chemicals.

That was almost three years ago. I have grown into a life I didn’t think I would have. And anything is possible today. I began going back to school.. I took advantage of the mind I had and have not stopped pursuing the wealth of knowledge since then. Spent some time driving across the U.S. and in the mountains during winter. In the mountains I found my passion, my calling you could say, to explore the world to the best of my ability. Local and abroad, though abroad hasn’t come into fruition yet. I spend my time now working on a commercial fishing boat (the schedule allows a lot more free time than a 9-5 and the pay isn’t bad either) Also utilizing my design skills I produce various marketing materials for friends and family. Now if you will, combine the information I’ve given you. Punk Rock and a taste of Anarchy, I’m unsettled politically, I see opportunity for change everywhere. Ad a bit of hope and faith to that I obtained through recovery from addiction, anything is possible now, I’ve already seen the dark side. Now to top it off, a passion for exploring and utilizing every moment. I’ve found freedom in my journey, for this I am responsible, and I am responsible for sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’m searching for my medium…

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Community Service, Fishing and Reading.


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