Revelstoke Canada Aye!! North Face Freeride World Tour

Man, this winter road trip just got a huge addition. An unexpected one at that. I’ll be going to Revelstoke, British Columbia, CA Jan4th – Jan12th of 2013!

I was reading through a post at and just came across a post about Revelstoke Splitfest which is followed by The North Face Freeride World Tour.

I’m defiantly going to attend the Splitfest and I’m looking into competition registration for the Freeride World Tour. I’ll be fresh off a month long stay in Jackson, WY and riding in the Grand Tetons, and at this point have been on the road for 7 weeks riding as many days of gnarly back country as possible. I imagine I will be up to par to at least participate in the event or sister event if room is available. I’m doing more research but I’m real stoked on the possibility. Something great will come of this.

I remember sitting on the couch a couple years back, a little chubbier, real lazy, maybe even stoned, pretty much useless. I was watching videos of The North Face Freeride Tour, and I remember thinking to myself how fu**in’ cool it would be to experience that. Now years later, clean and sober, productive and in active pursuit of my dream to be the best snowboarder I can be, it may be a possibility. Even if I was only able to show up and watch, that sufficient, I want to ride but most of all I just want to be there, see and meet some other great riders. Rider licences and registration starts mid Dec. we’ll see what happens. If you’ve never heard of or seen the event here is a little glimpse.

Nothing is impossible, anything can happen in your life, dream of it often, find a passion, make it an obsession and go for it. I found mine and its snowboarding.



Though there has been recent postings on here regarding an additional team member, Adam Duzey, on this winters road trip. I have done some soul searching and have found that this undertaking needs to be done independently. I feel that this trip is an mash up of all that I have accomplished, learned to date and character values I’ve chosen to have in my life and all I wish to become in the future. I fully understand that my decision to have someone fully commit to the adventure and project, only to later sit them down and tell them that this needs to be an independent undertaking, was foolish. For me it was part of the process, and I have such a deep level of appreciation for the level of understanding that I received.

Really the sum of my fears in having another team member is that I would be limiting myself on a more personal level of growth. Granted that a two month road trip that includes snowboarding and back country winter camping in the middle of winter solo is quite possibly on of the most dangerous things a person can do, but can be countered by preparedness and networking. I have been doing some reading in Stephen R. Coveys “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, what I have read is that an interdependent relationship with another individual (especially a road partner) can be highly beneficial, also that the worst possible thing I can do for my self is put my self in a dependent situation. Somewhere in the middle I find Independence. Without Independence you’ll never truly be of benefit to yourself or others, and really I feel a responsibility to be the best possible person I can. For myself, those I love, and those I will love.

I know for a fact I don’t want to be dependent on another, not this season, and I think that I’ll be forced into situations by myself that will require me to reach out to the community around me, to remain creative. In seasons to come I think that this epic experience with be of more value than the 2 months I will spend on the road. And also to search within myself for answers to questions regarding my personal goals and objectives, also what I value most. I believe I’ve got a better grip than most, but something about the road, the mountains, and going to do what you love for nothing more than absolute passion for it, will change a person. I’ve only experienced a taste, and I want more. I am searching to crush the old paradigms set forth by my generation and the social mirror, to search out and embody who I truly wish to be.