Revelstoke Canada Aye!! North Face Freeride World Tour

Man, this winter road trip just got a huge addition. An unexpected one at that. I’ll be going to Revelstoke, British Columbia, CA Jan4th – Jan12th of 2013!

I was reading through a post at and just came across a post about Revelstoke Splitfest which is followed by The North Face Freeride World Tour.

I’m defiantly going to attend the Splitfest and I’m looking into competition registration for the Freeride World Tour. I’ll be fresh off a month long stay in Jackson, WY and riding in the Grand Tetons, and at this point have been on the road for 7 weeks riding as many days of gnarly back country as possible. I imagine I will be up to par to at least participate in the event or sister event if room is available. I’m doing more research but I’m real stoked on the possibility. Something great will come of this.

I remember sitting on the couch a couple years back, a little chubbier, real lazy, maybe even stoned, pretty much useless. I was watching videos of The North Face Freeride Tour, and I remember thinking to myself how fu**in’ cool it would be to experience that. Now years later, clean and sober, productive and in active pursuit of my dream to be the best snowboarder I can be, it may be a possibility. Even if I was only able to show up and watch, that sufficient, I want to ride but most of all I just want to be there, see and meet some other great riders. Rider licences and registration starts mid Dec. we’ll see what happens. If you’ve never heard of or seen the event here is a little glimpse.

Nothing is impossible, anything can happen in your life, dream of it often, find a passion, make it an obsession and go for it. I found mine and its snowboarding.



Respect, To those who came before me.

I’ve got to share this. I owe a great debt of gratitude to people like Jeremy Jones and others like him. People who have followed and pursued their passions, seen the good and bad times and pushed through to the other side. One thing that keeps me stoked for winter through summer is snowboard movies! Keeps me dreaming of winter and what I work for all year.

<p><a href=”″>Jeremy Jones’ Further Official Trailer – Teton Gravity Research 2012 Snowboard Film</a> from <a href=””>Teton Gravity Research</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Really I owe a great deal to many people that have enabled or encouraged me in my life. My father and mother first and foremost, all the men in my boy scout troop that voulenteered their time when I was a kid, though I hated the idea of belonging to that organization, it taught me a great deal. My boss now, Keith. Man that guy is on point, always coming through on what he said. Never judging and always respectful and encouraging. My girlfriend Misty for being totally supportive for my crazy ideas, my friends for believing and to some extent living vicariously through me. And all those who don’t share my enthusiasm for the outdoors and higher knowledge, they say if there are people who don’t agree with you you must be doing something right.

Method for Expansion, Think Free

Its not uncommon for our lives to become busy, overwhelming, and full of things that maintain the status quo. I’m talking about our jobs, the TV programs that we watch, the bills we have to pay, the car that we want to get. Its a sad story when our dreams and aspirations fall by the wayside, the things we want to do or the things we dream of doing seem so far out of reach because of everyday life. If you ask 10 people what they are doing with their lives and what they would rather be doing most likely 10 out of 10 will tell you that they are leading a life that is merely maintainable and has no relation to what they dream of doing. You know that one joke… come on you know it, The American Dream? What is that dream really? I’ll tell you what its not, its not a 9-5 job, its not through the roof gas prices, its not a social security system that your children probably wont see, its not 40 thousand dollars of debt. Its said that it is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

How often is this really pursued and who’s fault is it? It starts with ourselves. Fear of failure and social acceptance is our common downfall. Its not our fault that the fear is there and when it comes to the idea of social acceptance, it is ingrained in our very being from birth. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted, its in our nature.The fear of failure comes into play when social acceptance out weighs the possibility of success. So many times, in my youth, I wanted to tell my friends about my dreams to climb the worlds tallest mountains, create a business to help others and to spread the idea of D.I.Y. ethics.

What happened is, instead, I gossiped about what other people were doing, the things I wanted to acquire, or what I may have watched on Tv the day before. The fear of social acceptability hindered the growth process, the ideas remained but did not develop and flourish. I could go on and on as to why that fear grew into an insuperable obstacle, you have to understand it wasn’t that no one wanted to listen, We we’re already being told what to think there was no time to listen! It was that there was garbage going into our brains from media and advertising, this left little space for free thought. I had the fear no one would support me or pay attention. Today I have found it doesn’t matter, there are people who will listen, support and others who will criticize. Reality is that I in and of myself can pursue what ever dream I’d like without limitation. And it is my duty, no our duty to share the ideas and tell others to pursue their own dreams without negativity. Who are we to say that it can’t be done, what are we really doing.

I wonder how many can say the same and still to this day that they have the fear of acceptance and it holds them back. The majority of individuals are so used to media, someone else doing the thinking, that there is a level of ease and comfort that comes along with it. What about the great thinkers through out history, it is a re-occurring theme that they did not agree with the social norm and sought there own answers. This meant reading, time in solitude, sometimes traveling, observing other cultures, posing questions to their peers and so on.

Now what about the people that are out pursuing their dreams today, they didn’t spend a ton of time watching TV, or buying the latest fashion. It took some effort in seeking out others that enjoyed the same sport or activity, making there own videos to share, reading about their interest and seeking out answers for questions without answers. Across the board from entrepreneurs to social activist to extreme sport professionals. Most of all it took getting out there and doing it, that is the life worth living, building from mistakes and seeking your answers.

Lets make a life worth living, and encourage or friends and family to do the same. Social acceptance only goes so far. How about that old saying “build it and they will come” build yourself and others with join you.

Think out side the box, Think Free.

-Shane D.

On Spontaneity

I feel the act of spontaneity is a huge part of my life and deserves further examination. The reality is i would have not come to where i am today without really embrassing spontanious actions. There are those of us who live planned, cordinated, lives and those of us in the world who prefer to be taken by the wind so to speak. Recently the later of the two, in my life, is most true. It did not happen by accident though, it was a process just like anything else. I came through a series of observations and discoveries. The most relivant being that when i set expectaions of what i want to happen, if it doesn’t happen then there is a level of disapointment that comes with it and i hate dissapointment. I believe that through positive action towards a particular goal, like a road trip and the documentation of it, that dreams will be achieved. You could say that i came to the understanding that the energy and enthusiasm i put into the world will be returned to me equally from others, wether that be good or bad energy. My second observation was that mindfulness (keeping an open mind) provides more opportunity than that of a planned exicuted plan. Example, if Tohmas jefferson simply thought of lightning as a force of energy and not something that could be harnessed and directed we may not have the technology we do today. What i’m getting at is catigorization and conditioning of the mind, he could have perceved that bolt of lightning as a simple force of nature but he kept an open mind to other possibility. He did not limit it, the lightning bolt, to just being an uncontrollable force of nature. He preceived it as a force of nature, a naturally occuring anomily that could possibly be used for something else. How does this apply? I work on a commercial fishing boat right. If i thought of the boat only as a means to make money, thats all it would be. Instead it is a means to make money that give me a powerful energy to harness, that energy is creativity. I thought to myself how cool would it be to take photographs of what i do, show them to people and carry the message of exploration. So now after doing so I’ve chaneled my “work/money making ” energy into inporational creative energy. Can you see where i’m goin with this. I’m currently on the water right now, i’ve documented what i’m doing as seen in this photo And inspired my neigbors to take a trip to Catalina Island so that they can experience swimming in the same clear water. So to sum up the action, in viewing work as more than just a means to get money, i was able to put into action an idea that documenting and sharing my actions with others will inspire them to take an additional action. Spontanious acts have the same effect,to inspire and instill in others ideas which they can act on. They give a sence of gratitude to those involved and with out mindfulness would not be possible. Additional ways this is effecting me are in plans to take a road trip, i’m speaking in general plans not plans that are restricted. I originally had the idea to simply take a road trip for myself but through my recent experience in documenting and sharing there has been a sense of resposibility placed in me to share my experience in others. To inspire them, to share the idea of mindfulness, the idea of being creative with their passions. Without the sharred experience, without passing on what i’ve learned and hold dear, i will bear no fruit to the seed i’ve planted.

Update on Film Goal with sense of direction

Imagine never sleeps. I’ve spent the last few hours thinking about this winter where i will go, who i will seek out, what to film, what to call the project. I’m happy to say i made some progess and have found some new energy and relieved some anxiety. Project title (suggestions welcomed) – “Whatever it Takes” My reasoning for the title is that it will take a quite a bit to keep this project going,i had no knowledge going into, no money. As with all things it started with a vision, an idea whichhas turned into a passion, passion turned to obsession, obsession to… What i hope will be an inspirational production, and process of self discovery. Also today, the part which brought some anxiety relief. A short outline of scenes, what should be filmed essencially. This has given me more of a sense of direction. Also it has been decided to include voice over material on the topics of passion,persistance, obsession of passion, freedom to make your own path, societys foggy outlook ob what people should do to take part in the over all structure of the country. Though the film will feature snoboarding, its main goal is to inspire.


I’m excited because i feel as if mentally, a starting off point has developed. An outline is developing, production process is making more sense in regards to idea development, film outlining and action, and editing and distribution. I cant wait to start a Kick Starter campaign. Even if that fails, whatever it takes to make it happen. I’ll do it.

Think Free

Freedom of thought and expression are essential to human kind, its this freedom that brought society to where it is today. The ability to dream and envision our futures, where we want to go and what we want to be. Through out history we see this time and again “huge progress” due to the thoughts of one or a few of our fellows. Its absolutly amazing. With persistance and passion, we as a whole can do great things. As a young person I do my best to be available to what is out there in the world. Meaning i give everything an honest look over at least once. I take what i think can be of use and move on, always evolving into a better human than i was yesterday. I don’t even consider the possibility of concluding my search for knowledge or self worth on a single idea or belief. My frustration though is that I feel the people around me settling for the simpler things in life. A nine to five job, a couple lines of credit, an appartment, and the ability to get “stuff”. I personaly find no depth or weight in that, why pursue the acumulation of stuff. I love the idea and act of people helping people, not judging our fellow man, pursuing creative goals and pushing our own personal limits. I try to talk to one person i don’t know every day, tell them how and what im doing and ask them about themselves. Not judging, deffinitly tough, but really apperance doesn’t make you, it simply puts you in a catagory that limits opportunity. And finally creativity, if we do what we are told or do what we preceve to be right and acceptable we will not grow and evolve into better people, by better i mean openminded caring people. I’m not knocking anyone here. I’m knocking the bad infomation that the media machine is putting on our plate. If there was poop on the plate no one would eat it, but if someone put whip cream on it with sprinkles, called it ice cream and sat it down in front of you or me, we probably wouldn’t think twice about it till it touched our tounge. But we need to look closer and always question, is this what i’m being told it is, or is it really still just shit on a plate. I am personaly looking for more in my life than the information that has been provided. And i want to surround myself with others who think the same. Its not the destination someone has chosen for us, its the journey we choose for ourselves that is important.