Jackson Bound

I haven’t updated here in a while but i intend on starting again. The trip i spoke of is underway. Some filming is going on and we’re really getting to the good stuff now. Headed to Jackson Hole and I’m going to get some of that “good” powder headed our way. With the next storm. Pictures and video soom!


This is Teton pass just a few days ago.


I began framing my truck bed today, I hope to have a raised platform above my truck bed to keep the cold of winter away from my body. It was funny as I was making it I was thinking of what it is to give up my apt. to save money to take on this epic adventure, really what I came too in my mind is “who cares”. If my life was based on security then I wouldn’t be taking the trip, I’d rather live through spontaneity. I’m planning on throwing a snowboard rack on the inside of the camper shell and some shelving as well. I just spent some time on couchsurfing.org, hopefully I’ll get some responses and have an opportunity to meet some awesome people on my trip. Just in case though, I’ll have a decked out truck and all my winter camping gear like a four season tent and so forth.