Snow Dreams Documentary

The Documentary will be about an adventure, our adventure. From start to finish it will show the concept development, initiation of the idea, and follow through. Settings and locations will be throughout the western United States. There will be a huge emphasis on action sports, snowboarding in particular, and how it is a creative and life giving sport. How passion for one particular hobby can fuel your life and drive you. Areas of interest to also be explored might be societies condition and the fear or lack of a sense of adventure. The ultimate goal and purpose, to inspire and show that anything is possible if the drive is there and that you must give up what and who you think you are to really find yourself.


One thought on “Snow Dreams Documentary

  1. I’m stoked for all of this! makes me wanna go! What you’ve written is inspiring and definitely gives a different kind of kick start to the modern minds of today. And in regards to Spontaneity, its been the basis and the beginning to all of my greatest and best travels and adventures. With all of the new places and experiences you will come across, you will have so many new realizations and new perspectives and its great that you’ll be sharing all of this with others! Double high five to ya!

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